November 17, 2017

Happy Gilmore

Now when you start off your podcast series (NOTHINEW) with your boy calling the first episode “Chipotle Napkins” you know we’re gonna have to follow it up right ? N this episode is entitled Happy Gillmore. Now what do we mean when we say Happy Gillmore ? Well it all comes down to our objectives and 1 is all about doing things your way. You remember that scene where he swung it out the park and that person on the roof or something like that ? That’s him doing things his way. Asking ppl 2 start cheering n clapping n doing his thing. That’s his way of making it happen for himself and standing out from the crowd. The black sheep as it were. But @ the same time there’s a time n a place. You can’t break over a bottle on the country club bar and threaten to stab or shank Shooter McGavin. So there’s a time n a place in terms of doing things your own way, 2 still in the end get what YOU want! But @ the end of the day WE all know there’s no point in doing anything in life if your not having fun and loving what your doing. So your gonna nJoy!


November 1, 2017

Chipotle Napkins

Our first episode had to be unique n impactful JUST LIKE US so we had to GO IN!!! That being said, going in still means bringing it, n oh boy we did. We literally brought thousands of Chipotle Napkins to our first show (no seriously check it out on our YouTube channel and the site it’s absurd). We did this to symbolize what these finessed napkins represent to us. The values of making due and figuring out how to get by, at all costs aka no costs ha. Also side note GENIUS LEVEL MARKETING. End of the day we are talking about them are we not? Most importantly it’s about you right? So we talk about how we all can create marketing value like this for our own products and businesses so when others make due they still carry a little piece of us with them. Even as simple as them thinking of you and your business while using napkins. #Boomin